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06 March 2011

The Last Days of Summer

Suddenly the air is getting cooler, the mornings are chilly, the evenings are darker and before you know it Autumn is here.  Might be time for a quick recap of Summer cycle chic.

sydney bff ride to bondi sydney bff ride to bondi

surry hills - 11 sept 2010

Jane in Bondi

Bondi Beach Style

Blue Bike


Will said...

Living in a different hemisphere, these photos help me remember that I'm just about to dive into summer myself. Although winter is beginning to put its chilly grasp around your handlebars, don't fret. As someone who just made it through a cold winter myself, I can promise that it will eventually end - probably sooner than you realize - and you'll be back to riding in the sunshine! In the mean time, you're always welcome to come visit Portland, Oregon. We have beautiful summers and lovely bike paths.

saskia said...

Ha thanks Will - we really can't complain here - Autumn and a chilly 28 degrees today with bright blue skies...
I actually miss the cold!
I'll make it to Portland one day - great bicycle style you got over there I know :-)