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Green Chic means we give a damn about our our planet.

We include the principles of environmental sustainability in everything we do - from the events we organise to the products we source and produce.

This means we consider :

•      the energy we consume and where it comes from
•      how much water we use
•      the waste we generate and reducing, reusing and recycling where we can
•      avoiding the use of motor vehicles where we can
•      managing our carbon emissions and pollution
•      sourcing or producing ethical goods (both for humans and animals)
•      contributing to our local community and supporting communities in other parts of the world

All our products and events have the Green Chic stamp of approval because....
if it's not green it's not chic baby.


Sydney Cycle Chic is proud to work with local councils and local community organisations on various events and regularly hosts Cycle Chic Kids bike craft workshops.

We are very excited to be working with Sydney Sustainable Markets at Taylor Square on the Green Chic Project - a series of monthly bike-themed workshops and events.

Check out the events here.


Our range of ibikeSYD tshirts and bags are organic, fair trade and produced in a factory in Sydney that is powered by renewable energy.  We chose EarthPositive® Apparel because of their social and environmental credentials.

We use minimal packaging that is entirely recyclable and offer carbon neutral cargo bike delivery.

Coming soon - beautiful bicycle crates made from re-purposed timber.

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