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19 May 2014

East Side Ride Day!

We love the East Side Ride - we wouldn't come out of hibernation for anybody else!
So if you're free this Sunday, ride on down to Centennial Park and say hi.

There will be greeny, foody, bikey fun and yoga and music and SUNSHINE!

We'll be selling our lovely ibikeSYD t.shirts and bags to make way for new Summer stock - yes folks, there will be East Side Autumn Specials! - so buy now before they're all gone.

And we'll have bling for your bikes and be live Instagramming the day - hope to see you there.

More info here.

09 November 2013

Sunday 10th - Festival - Newtown - Cycle Chic - BLING!!!!

We're rolling out the bike bling again this Sunday for our favourite festival of the year!
You'll find us near the bike valet parking in the Bike Boulevard - or maybe we'll find you first?

No parked bike is safe from the guerrilla recycled bling.....

Expect to see us roving the kids area too on the hunt for blingtastic Cycle Chic Kids!

Newtown Memorial Rest Park from 9am on Sunday 10th November - see you there.

23 October 2013

Skinny Dippers of the World Unite

Ok so these are a nice bunch of bike riders, we like them at Cycle Chic.  They're doing a crazy night ride from Sydney Observatory Hill to Newcastle Ocean Baths where they will be greeted by a tea lady (rumour has it...) and why not we say.

We also like skinny dipping at the Cycle Chic Republic.... which is why we are awarding a lovely ibikeSYD t.shirt to the first skinny dipper in !

I will need photo proof and may the cutest bum win!

More ride info here.

18 October 2013

Pinterest Fridays - Leopard Print!

Thought we'd do a weekly post of global cycle chic inspiration from Pinterest -  a little headstart inspiration for the weekend perhaps?

Follow us on Pinterest here....

13 October 2013

Bling of the Castle!

Louis was a champion blinger - and not afraid of flower power.  I'm very glad he didn't blow down the hill during the shoot as it was a bit of a stinky hot gusty day at Sydney Park today for the launch of this years' Sydney Rides Festival.

If it wasn't for the pedal powered smoothies from Bike'n'Blend we wouldn't have made it - good one!

Stand by for more bike bling through the week....

Bling of the Castle

07 October 2013

We're Back and We Mean to Bling!

As Sydney Rides Festival (and Summer) rolls around again, so do we....

October 13 marks the start of two weeks of bike fun in Sydney and we'll be in Sydney Park to help kick it off with some recycled bling for your bike.

So Cycle Chic Kids, young and old, stop on by and get crafty with us - your bike will thank you!

Newtown Festival bike bling

11 April 2013

Ride Happy - Bike Bling for Everyone......

It's been a long time since WOOP! so we're a bit excited to be rolling out the cargo bike of bling again this month to the East Side Ride.

We'll be in the cycling hub with recycled, up-cycled crafty stuff to festoon your bikes and ride day sale specials on our lovely ibikeSYD t.shirts & bike bags....

So Cycle Chic Kids big and small, come and join the fun.

It's fun, it's free and you'll be guaranteed to ride away happy!!