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16 January 2011

Melbourne Cycle Chic

Last time I was in Melbourne it was to hear Mikael from Copenhagen Cycle Chic give his Four Goals for Promoting Urban Cycling talk during the State of Design Festival.  Oh and a little Melbourne Bike Share Protest ride.... fun times for sure.

Little seems to have changed as far as the bike share scheme goes with mandatory helmet law still preventing the "spontaneous" nature of bike hire.  So there were sadly still too many bikes docked unused.  
I did see 3 being ridden and overheard a lady in the 7-11 ask how much the disposable helmets were.
(They didn't have her size though so she left.)

I did, however, notice an awful lot of nice looking bikes, especially around St Kilda and my sources tell me that a certain suburb a little further North is a veritable hotbed of lawless helmet-free bicycle bliss.
I shall leave that for next time..... unless someone wants to send me evidence?? :-)




St Kilda Botanic Gardens


Outside the Prince of Wales Hotel on Fitzroy St - Bands, Bars and Bikes, lovely

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ian_rm27 said...

These bikes are hanging around the Prince quite a lot.Suspect they may be for use of guests at the hotel~similar set up to Art Hotels and thier beautiful Kronans.