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17 January 2011

Cycle Chic Sundays Movie Photo Competition - the entries!

Well Chicsters, though the competition post seems to have had over 1000 views on Facebook alone (ie a lot of you are looking, thanks...) and has been tweeted about the bikeosphere there have been only 2 entries - WHAT???
I know everyone is getting over Christmas and New Year, and it's school holidays and Sydney Festival is on and well you're probably all at the beach but really, I'm a tad disappointed.
Truman doesn't seem to care but he's fickle like that....

But we at Cycle Chic are never disillusioned and there will be no tears shed.  So without further ado here are the entries and yes they deviated from the theme a little but I'm still doing a poll just 'cause I said I would and they are poll worthy in my humble opinion.  Good work - you know who you are :-)

Voting is easy, just click in the box next to your favorite image in the poll on the right hand column of the blog.  Vote for one or both, log in to different computers and vote more than once - go crazy, vote away and NO EXCUSES NEXT TIME!

Polls close at midnight on Friday 21 January and the winner gets the beautiful Basil Beauty Shopper.

1 - Truman MilkyO

2 - Holly [hearts] bikes

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