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20 November 2010

Hot Pink Bicycle Gelato Cart Deliciousness For Everyone!

Those lovely chaps at Gelato Cart will be joining us tomorrow for some Cycle Chic ice cream madness down at Bondi Beach.
They will be at the northern end of Bondi Beach in front of North Bondi Italian when the Cute Commute and Cycle Chic Sundays arrive for our beach party - just in case you need another excuse to join us tomorrow ??
Their list of flavours will get your tastebuds tingling, salted caramel, cherry-coconut nougat, lavender, rhubarb crumble, elderflower, sesame ginger, lime and mint, oh my.......

Organic creamy scrumptious gelato in a hot pink bicycle driven gelato cart - match made in heaven.

1 comment:

hector said...

This is great to have these ice cream cart. Love these when you are riding bikes.