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23 November 2010

Cycle Chic Sundays Wraps Up Five Days of Bicycle Film Festival Mayhem!

From the Launch Party last Wednesday to the Wrap Party on Sunday, the Sydney Bicycle Film Festival was a riot of good times.  It was so great spending time with what felt like a big old bike loving family by the end of the week.
Things I learnt - those fixie kids sure know how to party and my bike doesn't keep up very well..... but then that's what I love about her, the LACK of speed.  One day I'll get a single speed, promise.

So as we plan madly for this weekend's launch of Cycle Chic Kids, here is our quick round up of the week.
More pics on flickr.


sydney bff street fair     sydney bff street fair
[l. Oh dear "bike polo is cool" says my Felix, age 4     r. Josh, Festival Guru]

sydney bff street fair

IMG_3807     IMG_3808
[l. Waiting for the start of the ride to Bondi and loving my new vintage beachbag/pannier]
[r. Yogi and Axel, best seat in the house]

[Paulie with her very cool pimped up bike]

IMG_8480   IMG_8483
[l. Heading through Paddington on the way to Bondi    r. Great bikes down at the beach]

[The lovely Feather Brigade and the Gelato Cart!]

[The end of the ride]

IMG_8492   IMG_8495
l. The ride home is always my favorite part    r. The ladies camping it up outside the Beach Rd Hotel]

[Inspired bike parking in Bondi]

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