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06 March 2012

Laneway Cafe Chic

So we love the guys at Room 10 - best laneway cafe in Sydney in my humble opinion.  Not only do Dan & Dan ride bikes (or so they say...) they also look damn hot in their ibikeSYD t.shirts.

dan & dan 0283

I made taller Dan wear the lady urban bike shirt and he did a spectacular job of camping it up. (sorry Dan, too good not to blog..)

dan 0158

They are also one of our Sydney t.shirt pick-up spots so when you order a shirt online, just indicate cafe pickup, save on postage and go visit the Dans.  You should order the breakfast rice - just do it, it will change your life - don't say I didn't warn you.

They're also getting some grief at the moment with their DA Approval so have been forced to remove their outdoor seating - ridiculous given that the other eateries up the street are operating as normal and wait, isn't there supposed to be support for cool urban laneway cafes?
Not sure how to help them at this point but we're working on a plan...... might involve deckchairs...

And yeah and their cafe is popular with hot chicas on hot bikes too....

potts point 0630


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Cool n Hot!!!

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