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14 November 2011

Tak Copenhagen x

Green Light Go - The Birth of Cycle Chic

So today around the world at precisely 8.43am my fellow Cycle Chic bloggers are out on the streets looking for the photo that epitomises cycle chic in their city.
It was this time exactly five years ago that Mikael Colville-Andersen took this iconic "photo that launched a million bicycles" and created what has now become somewhat of a cult.

The hardcore bloggers in the ever expanding family thought it might be a nice little tribute....

Mikael, we thank you.  For your passion, your idealism, your humour and your tireless pursuit of chic :-)
What a ride hey?

I was 5 minutes out but whoever you are Bondi girl on bike - I reckon you pretty much sum up Sydney Cycle Chic so thanks for crossing the street when you did!

5yr cycle chic anniversary photo 9419

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Anonymous said...

ooooooh I love this!!! Amazing bike and girl