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01 October 2011

Happiness Is a Repurposed Bike Crate

So we're very excited to be doing a workshop as part of the brilliant Happy Talk project during Art and About Sydney.
Our brief - resourceful, environmentally aware cycle chic bike accessories with a Pacific twist.  Easy.

I've been wanting to make bike crates for a while so we expanded on that by coming up with designs that are entirely sustainable.  Other than the cable ties everything has been sourced from repurposed, recycled and recovered materials -  hell even the transport was sustainable thanks to the cargo bike and the power tools were charged using 100% green energy.

My new white bike was recovered and given a new lease of life too and I am completely in love so expect a Cycle Chic Bike Restoration Workshop soon.

If you'd like some floral wheels to brighten up your day or have a hankering for a cute bamboo bike crate decorated with shells and flowers to stash your bikini in this Summer, we hope you and your bike can make it to the workshop tomorrow!

I have power tools too - don't mess with a woman and her jigsaw...

Make sure you stop by the Happy House for some crafty Pacific happiness and check out their program of events happening all through October.  The Happy House alone is worth the visit.

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