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15 July 2011

One Night in Rio

So the latest addition to the ever-expanding Cycle Chic family is Rio de Janeiro and looking at these photographs of yesterday's launch ride, we think we're going to like Rio!
A lot.

These gorgeous pics were taken by Sherolin Santos on a swivelling Eames chair strapped to the back of Tiago's trike.  I mean really.  I'm humming a little bossa nova as I write....

Check out more pics in Sherolin's photo album here.

And yes I did a double take too - that is a child in the basket!!!

Mikael from Copenhagen Cycle Chic was in town to "officially" launch the Rio blog and ever the showman, wowed the crowds with his daring bicycle stunts - at least this one didn't end up with a fractured rib like the infamous Barcelona Slow Bicycle Race....

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Anonymous said...

WOW, Rio looks like so much fun!