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16 May 2011

WOOP WOOP - Cycle Chic Kids Get Crafty in the Sunshine!

Wow, what a brilliant day we had yesterday.  The buzz was incredible as families, hipsters and everyone in between turned out to celebrate the opening of the Bourke Street Cycle Way and join the fun at the WOOP Festival.

The sun shone and Wimbo Park was truly alive with craftalicious fun as kids (of all ages!) upcycled their bikes with our flowers and streamers and bells.  Great seeing those handlebar ribbons appear on all the photographs today!


IMG_0051     IMG_0040

IMG_0023     IMG_0011



We even managed to get a bit of a ride in - it was so nice to see the kids out in force on the bike lanes.

Check out the rest of our WOOP photos here and if you have photos of the event to share, we'd love you to join and add them to our flickr group (or email me if easier).
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So many kisses and thanks to my gorgeous team of helpers and Upcyclers who crafted up a storm!
(Liane, Milou, Heidi, Bea, Samorn, Tanja, Sonja, Jim - THANK YOU x)
And Reverse Garbage and Opera Australia for the bling!



IMG_0127     IMG_0086




Anonymous said...

nice work Saskia

Cheeky transport

Bondi Bikes said...


Bondi Bikes

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the girl in the pink fairy dress exercising her right to rebel and not wear a helmet. No disrespect or nuffink but the many ill-fitting helmets you see in the pictures really show how unnecessary they are.

Great job.