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24 October 2010

Someone Left the Cake Out In the Rain

Buggar, drats, and sod it all.  Looks like today's ride is officially cancelled then.
We waited until 11 for some sort of miracle but it's not to be, sadly.  After yesterday's incredible storms and the rain that's still falling heavily, a picnic in the park is not looking like a particularly fun idea, even with the suggestion of a game of water bike polo.....

I mean I like riding in the rain as much as the next person and I'm pretty good at riding with an umbrella, see below for some gorgeous rain inspiration from Copenhagen Cycle Chic, but it's not everyone's cup of tea.

So Sarah Maddox, I'm sorry, I wonder what you would have done?  Probably ride on regardless or perhaps you would have huddled under a tree with a cup of tea to wait out the storms.  Either way, we will all simultaneously raise a cup of Darjeeling and scoff a scone at 1pm in your honour.

Damn, and I was making my lovely flourless chocolate cake too.
Next ride details soon - perhaps a waterproof poncho making working bee?

Walking Dry

Rainy Day Elegance


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Garry said...

My lovely book here "The Bicycle and the Bush" mentions Maddock's Sydney-Melbourne ride (9 days in 1894), but nothing about the weather until we get to Mrs H.P.Nicolls who in 1898 did the trip "in 6 days and 7 hours in rain and headwinds.." Maybe the weather made her go faster to get it over with.

Mrs Maddock may be excused because she insisted on wearing the voluminous garb of the time, eschewing "Rational" dress. Good on her, true chic.