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13 October 2010

Ride To Work Sydney 2010

Wonderful to see so many people take their bikes to the streets today for Ride To Work Day but it's still puzzling to me why they feel the need to wear "cycling gear".  I haven't been faced with so much lycra since my clubbing days in the '80's.

But I went in search of, and found, just a little chic in amongst the fluoro spandex......

 Ride To Work Sydney 2010   Ride To Work Sydney 2010

Ride To Work Sydney 2010     Ride To Work Sydney 2010

Ride To Work Sydney 2010
[Show Sydney you care - wear Alan in Spring. T-shirts available from Remy & Lees on Bourke St]

Ride To Work Sydney 2010
[City of Sydney Cycling Ambassador Nell Schofield with Susan modelling a Rocket Fuel cycling cap]


alekat said...

Ooh! i also had this problem at my community breakfast at Macquarie Park. i was probably the only "chic" dresser in a sea of Lycra. Still good to see all the cyclists together.

ian_rm27 said...

I know what you mean.It can be pretty depressing at times,passing wave after wave of cyclists dressed in lycra tights with funny little shorts on top! Reading blogs such as yours gives me a little ray of hope that we are starting to 'get it' in Australia and it's pretty obvious it's the young folks leading the charge. My 14yo daughter never leaves home without her vintage Peugeot mixte,dressed to the nines in thrift store gems.
On the other side of the coin,I do realize Australia is a huge,suburbanized place,and a lot of people cycle long distances to work so perhaps 22 speeds n lycra does make sense,or am I being to kind.

Either way,thanks as always, for this little piece of happy joy to brighten my day.