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30 July 2010

some global cycle chic to remind us what's important

It's been a tough week.  What with all the bad press surrounding Sydney's new cycle ways and the narrow minded commentary about Australia's mandatory helmet laws, frankly I'm exhausted.

So I thought it was high time we reminded ourselves of what it is we are trying to achieve.  A bike friendly city where all citizens are respectful and coexist happily - urban dreaming ?????

I'm going to my happy place now..... namely Amsterdam.  Thanks to Marc at Amsterdamize for these great pics !  He has about 5 million more on flickr - truly joyful (especially the last one - I'm in a sentimental mood today)

You Look Better On A Bicycle

You Look Better On A Bicycle

Jungle Junction






slow rpm said...

Thanks for these beautiful images.Whenever I see photos like these, I get a hankering to leave this bogan car culture behing for good. Will we ever get it? regards,Ian~Melbourne said...

Power through it Miss Saskia! Don't forget that riding pretty is what makes you happy - don't worry about those who jump to critique what you do. Your heart is in the right place!

Lady Vélo said...

Lovely reminder indeed!
Cycle-Chic - such a wonderful thing to never lose sight off :)

Lady Vélo.

saskia said...

thanks for all the lovely comments :-)
ian - I so know how you feel but it's up to us to be the purveyors of chic in this godforsaken place - keep the faith !

MeRiaN said...

I guess the think that most captures my attention is the "wind in their hair" spirit! people do look healthy, comfy and happy with their bikes!

Anonymous said...

Love that first foto, reminds me of when I used to ride around Amsterdam with my son at the front of my bike. Most of my amsterdam fotos involve quite a bit more sleet, wind and rain though! ;-)

saskia said...

Beautiful blog Faith ! Wish I'd had a bike seat like that when my Felix was younger ! He'll only ride his own bike now....
If you want to share some of your pics on my site drop me an email - would love to see them.