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20 June 2010

And we're off....

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day.   The day before the June Solstice (Winter anyone ??) and the sun shone down in Sydney for our inaugural Cycle Chic Sundays ride.
We ambled from Rose Bay to Bondi Beach, stopping at Miljo to try on some of their cute Swedish clogs and check out the Marimekko cups, had a quick latte and delicious brunch bruschetta at the Shop & Wine Bar on Curlewis Street and then on to the beach.

Not sure why the sight of girls in dresses and heels on bikes caused such amusement but the positive comments and smiles from locals and tourists alike was worth every cent !

Thanks to my ladies for sharing this first ride - we're already planning the next one - bigger, bolder, brighter and with more wheels and heels !!!

(l-r Miss Megan, Miss Sonja, Miss Allana, Miss Saskia & Miss Bronwyn)

There will be more photos posted on flickr over the next few days.......

16 June 2010

I ♥ Tokyo Bike

What's not to love.  Hot bikes, sexy accessories, design to the maxx, cute staff that make you feel like you're in some hip secret Tokyo bike shop - oh wait - it IS a hip secret bike shop, just in a hip Sydney location.
If you are yet to visit make it your next stop and check out their site - very cool.  Loving the Kento Mori bike movie/photographs.

"Riding a bike in Japan is part of life. It’s about enjoying the ride, exploring the city, and the freedom that goes with that.
Tokyo Bike is a small and independent bicycle company which launched in the old Tokyo suburb of Yanaka eight years ago. Founded by bicycle enthusiast Ichiro Kanai, the team in Tokyo designs bikes for the city. Each bicycle weights between 9 and 11 kilos, is easy to carry up to your apartment and light to ride. To make the stops and starts of urban riding smoother, bikes have been designed with a smaller 650 diameter wheel.
More about slow, than fast, Tokyo Bike believes that speed is not always the aim, destination is only part of the story, and losing yourself in a city’s small back lanes and expansive parks and gardens, is one way of switching off and escaping it all.
The Tokyo Bike story is about simple bikes, that are reasonably priced, easy to ride and to carry, are pared back to the basic elements, and available in a wide range of colours.
Tokyo Bike shops can be found in Tokyo and Sydney, and very soon in London."
Copyright © 2010 Tokyo Bike

06 June 2010

Cycle Chic Sundays Sydney is ready to roll !

We have been dreaming of this for a while and at last it's almost here. 
The Sydney ladies are ready, we've chosen our frocks and shined our shoes.  If you want to join us on our inaugural ride please be in touch, we'd love to have you !

(PS: Tak and thank you (respectively) to Mikael the founder of Cycle Chic - my cycle saviour ;-) and the lovely Miss Eva at the original Cycle Chic Sundays in California for letting us in on the action and the sexy logo.  I hope we do you proud !)

WHO:      Anyone who favours style over speed
WHAT:   A typical Sydney Sunday jaunt to the beach with some inevitable detours to the markets and cafes of Bondi
WHEN:   Sunday 20 June 2010
WHERE: Meet at the Rose Bay Ferry Wharf at 11.15am (ferry departs Circular Quay at 11am)

05 June 2010

Here comes the sun

Finally, a few hours of sunshine in old Sydney town and it's like everyone is back out of hibernation.  It didn't last the full day but while it did there were happy faces out in Bondi.  I took Inge down to Jed's for a breakfast quesadilla and a latte and happily we watched life go by with an old skool reggae soundtrack and the faintest smell of the ocean breeze drifting in the warm air.

One of the things I love about Sydney is the cafe culture.  The nonchalant upturned milk crates outside inner-city haunts that burn lines on your arse if you sit too long.  The million new artisan bakeries with organic breads and pies that seem to be springing up on every street corner and the crazy little cafe/bookshops stuffed with piles of books you always buy but never seem to have time to read.

IMG_3680_1      IMG_3676_1_1