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15 November 2010

Do Purple Bikes Go Faster??

Well Newtown Festival was HOT HOT HOT yesterday and I dragged myself away from Bondi just long enough to check out the entrants in their inaugural Bling Your Bike Competition.

The girls were out in force with their blinged purple bikes and it was great to see them get crafty and have fun.  Fun being what bike riding should ALWAYS be about.... at any age.

Maya and Georgia had decorated their Malvern Star with cupcakes and muffins - a nod to Masterchef Kids perhaps?? - and even had muffins and cookie cutter on their helmets! 
The only mishap was that some of the muffins got knocked off by their skirts while riding - the perils of riding in style discovered at an early age :-)

Maya & Georgia with Muffin Bike

muffin bike     muffin bike

muffin bike

Samira's purple Southern Star was festooned with foil, streamers and sparkles galore and she happily posed like a true Cycle Chica for me to take her photograph.

Samira with her Southern Star

Samira & her Nutcase

Disppointingly, there were only two entrants, what's up with that Newtown???.  I have to say I was suprised but I think it was more to do with lack of publicity rather than lack of interest.  Certainly the parents I spoke to were well-informed and very keen to encourage the girls to ride as much as possible - but I suspect they don't need much encouraging....

Miss Nell (one of the City's Cycling Ambassadors) was there in fine form to do a lap of the park with the kids and the rest of the festival was heaving as it always is. 

My guess is that Sydney is more than ready for my next little project - it couldn't come at a better time - are you ready for Cycle Chic Kids???

Miss Nell

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