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16 November 2010

Bling Bling - Are You Ready for Cycle Chic Kids?

We've been planning this for a while and the momentum has been building and now we're ready.
Sydney is ready, indeed it seems the WORLD is ready for kids to get back on their bikes. 

So welcome the newest kid on the block.

cycle chic kids

We want our kids back on bikes and we're evidently not the only ones as there have been some great global initiatives lately. 

Kidical Mass started monthly rides aimed at children and families in Eugene, Oregon in 2008 and has now spread to other cities along the West Coast of America.

Another American bicycle advocacy group Bike Friendly Oak Cliff (BFOC) in Texas set themselves a challenge recently to get 100 children riding to school in just one week - they succeeded.  Have a look at their video, wonderful stuff.

As parents, we have an obligation to make the streets safer and above all, to make cycling fun again for our kids.
We all remember what it felt like to cruise the streets with friends in the early evening with nowhere in particular to go,  just for the hell of it - no wait, I do that now - fun right ?

My son Felix is four, loves his bike, wants to ride it all the time.  My neighbours Simon and Sonja have three kids between three and ten years old who all ride everyday but there are still too many parents who rely on cars for short trips and relegate bicycles to sport and occasional use.  Time for change.

velvet at sunset 1
[Velvet at sunset in pink converse and spokey dokes]

[Felix, far too cool for 3]

So come and join us for our inaugural event in Centennial Park on November 28 be part of the movement of change!

WHAT:   Bring a family picnic, do some crafty bike decorating and have a fun ride in the park
WHO:   Kids of all ages and their families and carers (with bicycles!)
WHERE:   Near the Learners Circuit at the southern end of Centennial Parklands (map link below)
WHEN:   Sunday 28 November from 10.30am to coincide with Centennial Park's Spring Car-Free Day

Please like our facebook page here and RSVP to the event here or leave a comment or drop us an email

Centennial Parklands information here and map here

We are planning all sorts of exciting things on the day so stay tuned for more details over the next few weeks!


Emily said...

Looks like fun!

You should know that kidical mass actually started here in little ol' Eugene, Oregon. More historical trivia is on the kidical mass website:

Enjoy your ride! Love the fabulous kid photos above.

saskia said...

Thanks Emily! I've amended and SO sorry for wrong info (hate doing that).
Hoping Sydney will embrace this as much as everyone has over there... fingers crossed.
Sadly my son Felix has decided his bike is already a nice blue like a rocket and doesn't want to decorate it - hope other kids feel differently :-)

baudman said...

Would be there, but a tad too far from Melbourne