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12 August 2010

Sydney's Vision

Sydney's Cycleways Campaign has been getting much attention lately not just in Sydney but globally.  (See todays post on Copenhagenize)
The City of Sydney's Lord Mayor Clover Moore has been described as many things and yet while her campaign has been met with strong opposition from some, her vision for a more "user-friendly" city can only be applauded.
Personally I think it's visionary and these are exciting times in what has been until recently, a city fearful of change.  If Sydney is to become a truly respected citizen-friendly city then we need to embrace change not fight it.  Be informed here.


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ian_rm27 said...

I was so glad to read this post.As a regular visitor to Sydney, I couldn't imagine cycling in the CBD. The traffic lights seem perfectly synchronised to allow fast traffic flow and the lanes are way narrower than here in Melbourne. I can't wait to cycle there once the cycle lanes are in place.cheers,Ian~Melbourne