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22 August 2010

Nice Bikes In Sydney This Week

Everywhere I turn this week I see bicycles - am I just tuned in more or is Sydney going bicycle mad ??

Gorgeous Electra on Bourke St

Spotted this beautiful Electra on Bourke St today - nicely pimped up and that skirt guard is cute as hell.  Hoping the owner gets in touch, we need you and your beautiful bike on a Cycle Chic ride !

electra at the wharf

And I see this Electra often down at the ferry.  Classic.


ian_rm27 said...

I suspect it depends upon where you live. On the beach road bike path here in Melbourne, I see almost nothing except mountain bikes being ridden by the lycra and funny shorts crowd. Head across town to Carlton, South Yarra etc and I see a heap of beautiful uprights being ridden by young hipster types. As with most trends, I reckon they are the ones who will drive this new (old) revolution.~regards,Ian

J-bot said...

I feel like i've become more and more attuned to bikes since getting my own. I see bikes everywhere, and i can virtually pick up the 'click' of wheels spinning from a block away.

My own bike is an electra, i love seeing others around. pics up at featherbrigade.blogspot... and we're definitely getting our gang together for your next cycle chic ride.


A said...

I ride an Electra Amsterdamn too! Love the retro cycle chic!

saskia said...

Go the Electras !
We want you all on the Bourke St ride to add some glamour :-)
Sept 11, keep it free, just got to post details.
You heard it here first.......

Ian, shame you're in Melbourne, you sound like you could use a cycle chic ride.