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21 August 2010

Be Inspired - Jorg&Olif

I came across this site a while back and it has fast become one of my most visited and continually inspiring sites. Anyone who rides a bicycle for pleasure will understand the slow life but it's more than that, bicycles are just the start.  Be inspired.

I particularly love their recent post featuring the beautiful wall art of Russian designer Jane Molinina.

Jorg&Olif is The Slow Life Company – a bicycle inspired lifestyle brand representing the Slow Life movement globally.
Originally a bicycle company set up in Vancouver by two local entrepreneurs in 2006, the bicycle is the ultimate symbol for the Slow Life.
The bike represents the leisurely pace through which we can live our lives and it also demonstrates the sensibility we need to have towards mobility.
Everything around us is becoming more mobile and transient, and as the world’s major cities increase in population, creative urban professionals are seeking more balance in their daily lives.
Here at Jorg&Olif, we are creating the new look of urban mobility through sophisticated and design-driven products that celebrates individuality, good living and fashion.
The Slow Life Company ™ is:
Health and wellbeing without the spandex
Design and culture without pretentiousness
Eco-consciousness without extensive activism
Through our commitment; a Jorg&Olif lifestyle is about experiencing the world in a conscious way – focusing on quality, authenticity and style!
What Is Slow Life ?
The world is becoming increasingly faster. Food, fashion, technology and information are increasingly disposable and created in haste.

The Slow Life is a global movement that redefines quality, authenticity, exclusivity and luxury in a modern and personal way. It counters the rapid pace of life and urbanization and represents a balanced way of living that is about quality over quantity.
The Slow Life focuses on authenticity – a new level of consciousness and appreciation to things around us.
It is not about sparing luxury or intense economizing, nor is it purely about doing good environmental deeds or consuming organic goods. It is about applying a new set of values for the modern generation.
It encourages us to enjoy living in the present with friends and family, to belong to a community of erudite global citizens and to appreciate what’s easily neglected. Living the Slow Life is not about finding methods to save time, it is about discovering new ways to appreciate and enjoy time.
It aims to slow down the way we commute from point A to B. Most importantly, the Slow Life inspires us to see, not just look. "

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