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19 May 2014

East Side Ride Day!

We love the East Side Ride - we wouldn't come out of hibernation for anybody else!
So if you're free this Sunday, ride on down to Centennial Park and say hi.

There will be greeny, foody, bikey fun and yoga and music and SUNSHINE!

We'll be selling our lovely ibikeSYD t.shirts and bags to make way for new Summer stock - yes folks, there will be East Side Autumn Specials! - so buy now before they're all gone.

And we'll have bling for your bikes and be live Instagramming the day - hope to see you there.

More info here.


CameronRobertson said...

Pity I missed this event last year, my bicycle has really been too long in storage! Hope I manage to catch the advertisements for this years event so I can make arrangements to be free to attend!

Unknown said...

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Diamond Buyers said...

I would really love if there was an update to this post. If it is a yearly event I would really love to know. I'm about 2 years too late :)

Jack said...

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