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23 October 2013

Skinny Dippers of the World Unite

Ok so these are a nice bunch of bike riders, we like them at Cycle Chic.  They're doing a crazy night ride from Sydney Observatory Hill to Newcastle Ocean Baths where they will be greeted by a tea lady (rumour has it...) and why not we say.

We also like skinny dipping at the Cycle Chic Republic.... which is why we are awarding a lovely ibikeSYD t.shirt to the first skinny dipper in !

I will need photo proof and may the cutest bum win!

More ride info here.


Jo said...

I love your site!
I found it looking for a cool photo to illustrate my latest blog post, which is on a topic you might like to help out with, and judging by this great picture of Newcastle Baths I just found on your site, you might have a connection.
Have you heard that the NSW government is planning to cut the railway line short of Newcastle city? Their proposal would mean you could no longer hop on the train from Sydney with your bike and get off at Newcastle station in order to ride to the baths and skinnydip, or whatever! (ps. we find the Bogey Hole a little more private!)
Anyway, I am just looking to promote the issue and get people to write a letter to the government. If you need any further info let me know but the links from my site should help.

Unknown said...

I don't think I'd have the stamina of cycling overnight. Riding around the City of Holroyd for half an hour or so is tiring enough for me, much less over an entire evening or night!