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15 October 2011

Ride to Work Day 2011

I think the 'normally" attired riders must have just ridden to work and not stopped off in Hyde Park for a free banana because they sure as hell weren't where I was.  Apart from these lot that is.

frocked up 8961

paulie 8967

dapper cycle 8950

Nice to catch up with the lovely Sarah Wilson again too.  She's been running a campaign to ride a bike over at her blog and has long been a voice for the non-sport, single speed, normal clothes wearing riders amongst us - check out her blog here.

sarah & her single speed 8959

And Alacoque - riding to work AND pregnant - go you!!

alacoque 8946

One day, images like this may not be such a rarity....

sue and the girls 8973


Anonymous said...

It looks as though you guys have done it right, riding in a small group of friends. I led the "bike bus" to my place of work. One of my "passengers" complained that I was not wearing a helmet, and spent his work day sending complaint letters to various offices in our large institution, who asked me to explain. I waited a day, and asked those offices if they would please deal with my complaint, about someone I saw driving while talking on their mobile phone, on "drive to work day". I always have hated ride to work day. I don't like the expectation that I should help lazy pricks who can't find their own way to work on a bike, or be rewarded with one muffin, for a whole year of cycling to work.

K-star said...

I was a normally-attired individual who starts work too bloody early to attend anything before work. Otherwise I would have been there. With bells on. And lights. But no fluro!!

Alacoque said...

You never know, some of those lycra clad speedsters may have seen us in normal clothes and questioned their need for lycra for the first time. I was certainly questioned by them as to whether or not I really did ride there while I was waiting in the drinks queue. My affirmative reply was met with, I think, bewilderment and admiration ;)

Anyway it was nice to see so many riders. I'm sure the non-lycra numbers will improve each year.