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05 October 2011

Bikes - Fashion!

More clichés than you can poke a stick at and gratuitous boob shots but hey the soundtrack is good and it's nicely shot in black and white and I'm a big fan of their jeans.  It also features bicycles so..... we all know sex sells bikes right?


TheDapperCycle said...

Where? Where were the gratuitous boob shots? Did we miss them? Baah - wasted our time!! ha ha.

But seriously: thanks for this, we're also going to put this video up on our blog as it clearly shows the love affair between fashion and bikes is as strong as ever.

Bikes are so cool right now that everyone wants to associate with them. Bikes sell, sex sells put 'em together and 'bam' everyone wants to be doing it.

Anonymous said...

Next: Fashion bulbs that can pedal while riding... :-)