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26 February 2011

Some Cool Kids on Their Cool Bikes For the Weekend

simon on elizabeth street

I think we'll be hearing more from Simon - he's just built a brilliant prop bike for a new Opera Australia production of La bohème.  The guys in workshop are a damn talented bunch.

nicolette in bondi

And who doesn't love a candy pink chopper ?


Alacoque said...

I love that there's a cyclist in the background of the last photo too! Did you time that or was it purely serendipitous?

saskia said...

ha nope, completely accidental as was this one which you'll like even more!

Garryw said...

Hi Saskia,

I think these are more properly called "Dragsters" in Oz; choppers would have elongated forks like the motorcycles.

Must be getting old, I remember when these first came out I was about 12 (19..70) and a boy at my school got a brand new one with a big gear shift lever on the frame top tube which any not have been such a good place for a boy's bike. Being a good little chicster even then I eschewed the silly thing and went and bought a proper bike with mudguards and back-pedal and rack and 28" wheels for my first (rainbow coloured frame, oh my god...). Covered millions of MILES (they were real, no whimpy kilometres). Cry. Wish I still had it!

Alacoque said...

You're right Saskia- that other photo is brilliant! Talk about juxtaposition of cycling styles!