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02 December 2010

Sounds of Summer - Corinne Bailey Rae

I'd completely forgotten about the gorgeous girls on bicycles in this clip until Mikael posted it on Copenhagen Cycle Chic this week.  So as Copenhagen cools down for winter and Sydney warms up watch and enjoy.  I know how I'm planning to spend my Cycle Chic Summer of Love!


Amber said...

I have just returned from living in Sweden and Copenhagen so have lived on my vintage style bike and worn no helmet for 3 years. Back in Adelaide, I have been fined for not wearing a helmet, knocked off my bike by a bus and yelled at by pedestrians to get a helmet on! I've only been back a few weeks!! Great to find your site bthrough Good work! Seeing lots of helmetless heads in your photos, do you not have to wear a helmet in Sydney? Are we the only city in the world where they rule us with an iron fist and put everyone off riding unless you are wearing lycra?

saskia said...

ssshhhhh, don't tell anyone about the helmets :-)
nope we are all governed by the same superb rules here in Australia but at Cycle Chic we strive for common sense....
sorry you're having a hard time - stick to your principles and keep checking the blogs for cycle chic love. you're not alone down there.

Anonymous said...

hello , have to ask if your Metro (subway train) allows bicycles and which hours ?


saskia said...

Hi Athens, Greece !
Yes it does. I am a big multi-transport user and take my bike regularly on the ferries and trains. Apparently one has to pay for taking a bike on the train at peak hours but I've never been asked and I tend to avoid busy times where I can anyway.
Are you just curious or coming over to Sydney ??