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11 November 2010

New York City Chic... From Behind

[Stylist, Actress and Fashion Lover Yana Kamps on 4th Street]

Ok so this site has been tweeted around lately but perhaps you've missed it and even if you haven't, it doesn't hurt to see it again.  downtownfrombehind is a brilliant photographic project capturing subjects riding their bikes from behind on every street below 14th in New York City.
These environmental portraits highlight Manhattanites who have had an impact on NYC, making downtown what it is today but more than that, they convey the feeling of a city in change.

Subjects have included designers, musicians, artists, restaurateurs, hoteliers, academics and activists. 
It's a great concept and beautiful photographs and it celebrates a city which by all accounts from last night's CITYTALK 2010 is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance. (more on the talk tomorrow)

[Coco, Freelance Travel Writer on Astor Place]

[Cole J Ramstad, Musician, Blogger & Love Enthusiast on 13th St]

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