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28 October 2010

Summer Fun

I love this picture - every time I see it I smile - I think it's possibly the dress and cardigan colour combination - that yellow and turquoise just scream Summer to me.  Or maybe it's the caption underneath which reads "Paula - making cocktails".  Huh??  It's puzzled and intrigued me, are the guys behind her blending up some margueritas?  

Thanks to Velovotee for adding it to the Sydney Cycle Chic flickr group pool.  
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Vanessa Battersby said...


Re: cocktails, could she be riding one of those bikes that's hooked up to a blender at festivals so you can 'pedal-power your own smoothie'?

Anonymous said...

This was the Cheeky Transport crew back at their Xmas get-together in 2006. And yes, that was a fierce margarita-making machine - check the pics: