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11 October 2010

Cycle Chic is Alive and Well at Opera Australia

My day job at Opera Australia has unearthed all manner of chic cyclists....
It turns out that only one of the below is ACTUALLY a singer, however, we have a conductor, a senior manager, arts administrators, production/props, language coach, choreographer.....and these are just the ones I have in my flickr group right now.  I have a feeling that there will be a singing bicycle ride in the not too distant future.

budd tandem
[Alex the Senior Manager with Harry and Jasper]

brad on boris bikes
[Brad the Conductor]

[Grant the multi-skilled Production/Props/Van Driving Tour Manger]

cycle chic sundays - to market
[Annalouise the HR Person and Choreographer with Allana the Company Manager]

surry hills - 11 sept 2010
[Gill the Arts Administrator and Juvenile Talent Wrangler]

Miss Sonja's pics
[Megan the Digital Marketing Guru]

growers market
[Margaret the Mezzo Soprano with Tanja the German Language Coach]

me - growers market from kerry
[and me, the Tour Manager and Bossy Two-wheeled Bike Moll - not my desciption]


Alacoque said...

It would be really interesting to see what sort of workplaces have the highest rates of cycling e.g. is it creative industries? Sporting industries? Or simply places that provide the necessary amenities?

I do think the power of just one great example can infect the whole workplace!

Beck said...

That is so impressive. I'm the sole staff cyclist (considered the resident madwoman) in my small tertiary art teaching institution, with just a handful of cool fixie kids among the students.