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15 September 2010

Sassy Cycling Lady Needed for Tikki Tikki Adventure!

russell & his tiki tiki cab

On the way back from Surry Hills last week, Miss Sonja and I met a nice chap called Russell down at Circular Quay.  He operates 4 lovely Cycles Maximus pedicabs, part of the global pedicab boom that is spreading across the world.  Massive in the UK, Europe and the States, it's a damn good way to get cars off the streets in the CBD if you ask me.  Just $20 for a standard trip through the city, the cabs take 2 people and cost almost the same as a taxi fare nowadays in heavy traffic, and are abviously far more fun as these photos would suggest.

[photos via Cycles Maximus]

Russell earns good money from the tourists and late night drunken girls on the town who like to pinch his bum!  (but he's cute, can't say I blame them...)
If you can put up with a bit of bum pinching, perhaps you enjoy it, and want to earn money for riding around the city in Summer (!)  leave a message here or email me and I'll put you in touch with him.  Or pop down to Circular Quay and say hi in person.

Love the tagline on their website - zero polution transport solution - absolutely.

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