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06 September 2010

Cycle Style, Bake Sales and Bicycles

Plans for this Saturday's Cycle Chic Sundays ride have taken over my life lately so before I get on with the final preparations, here is the latest from Sydney.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending time with Joyce from Cycle Style Australia.  She was in town for a few days doing some research for her stint as guest blogger on the Design Files - very exciting to be featured in her Sydney roundup today. She has also written about some great Sydney cycle destinations so check it out!
Of course we spent our time looking for cycle chic on the streets of Surry Hills, (what really, I hear you say)..... and we weren't disappointed!

lisa & the bullitt       anna
[l. Lisa & that Bullitt / r. Anna and her retro pink Repco Traveller]

matt & anna
[Taylor Square chic - Matt & Anna]


anna & ronan
[Anna & Ronan doing a lap around Taylor Square before heading off down Bourke St]

lee       molly & kit from three point turnz    
[l. Remy outside his Bourke St cafe Remy & Lees /
r. Molly & Kit from Three Point Turnz blog and their yummy bake sale to raise funds for
Joy Ride - 10 bike babes riding from Melbourne to Brisbane]

chris - fixie chic       matt from bicycle film festival
[l. Chris and his red racer / r. Matt from the Bicycle Film Festival]

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