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17 August 2010

Pimp Your Ride #1 - the road popper

I thought I'd start a little regular feature and share some ideas with you for "pimping" your ride.
To start the ball rolling is this - so perfect as we head in to the long lazy summer months....


Featured on Design Boom, the road popper is a bike-mounted bottle opener designed by the Canadian design duo Chromoly.  Designers Jonathan Sabine and Adam Pickard originally developed the design for their own use but decided (hurrah) to share it.  
It attaches directly to the rails on the underside of the saddle, keeping out of sight and is produced on demand using the rapid prototyping services of shapeways in bronze infused stainless steel.
Love it.


Anonymous said...

US$40 for a bottle opener? Do I get an ugly sleeve tattoo thrown in with the deal?

Anonymous said...

This is a lot cooler: