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13 July 2010

Sundays with Joni

Well we weren't blessed with much sunshine on Sunday for the second Cycle Chic Sundays Sydney ride so I mostly shot in b/w which kind of suited the monochrome day.
I met up with Miss Sonja in Rose Bay and took the ferry in to Circular Quay, chatting to curious ladies en route who wanted to know what we were all about.  Intrigued as they were, I hope the lady who took my contact details is reading this and gets in touch !!!  We'd love you to join us :-)
(Incidentally, this seems to happen each time I ride my beautiful bike which is damn cool - thanks Velorbis).
So we arrived at Circular Quay to find the lovely and beaming Miss Kerry waiting for us, yellow flowers tied to her handlebars, knitted seat cover and Joni Mitchell playing on her handlebar stereo.  Wonderful.  She had found a link to our site through Bike Sydney and turns out she is a real bike ride veteran - so glad you joined us Miss Kerry !
Next stop the Opera House to collect Miss Bronwyn, then some quick pics before heading up to the Art Gallery for some brunch and art.  Met up with a supportive non-bike-owning friend Miss Gill (got to get you some wheels girl.....) who surprised me with some badges from my twitter pals @RocketFuelStyle that she'd bought from the Finders Keepers Winterland Market at Carriageworks.
Then slowly back down Macquarie Street, missing the ferry home by 2 minutes so Miss Sonja and I killed time at the Rocks market and laughed our heads off outside Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream shop - it appealed to us in an ironic sort of way - then back to the ferry with ice cream for the ride home.


And a final shot in colour just because I want to share my Grandma's emerald green vintage evening gloves with you - I have unearthed a box of vintage scarves and gloves long forgotten which will be making many appearances I feel.......

Regret of the day - missing a photo op with some half drunk orange clad Dutch guys because we had our hands full with bikes and gelato.  Shame, would have been a good pic.
High point of the day - Joni Mitchell accompanying us.


Christa said...

Looks fun! Wish I could have joined you on the ride. I love Sydney! I wish they had a bike rental system when I was there in 2007.

Someone suggested that we have music on your Cycle Chic ride too.

Dottie said...

Gorgeous photos! The black and white goes perfectly with the chic ladies :)