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26 July 2010

Bourke Street Bike Run Anyone ???

The Bourke Street cycleways have been getting all sorts of bad press.  I for one am over it.
The time for action is now and all we want to do is bring smiles to faces and make bike riding fun and easy dammit.
How local businesses can think the cycleways are a bad idea is beyond me.  We come, we ride, we buy - what the hell......the concept is simple. 
Details of our ride will be posted here soon so follow us and let's change the way Sydney lives.


I hope that the (temporary) closure of Tokyo Bike on Mary's Place is not linked to this bad press ?.


slow rpm said...

Good for you. Hope it goes well, although in Australia I suspect car culture will rule supreme.( or at least until petrol reaches European prices) regards~ian,Melbourne, .(and the other Bourke St!)

Anonymous said...

I'll come down for it - I might need to borrow a bike though!

Paul Martin
Brisbane, Australia

Shine Little Light* said...

I'll be there! I heart the cycleway! Funny ALan Jones noted no one was using it... Bit tricky when its not open and barricaded off at the moment Al! So infuriating!

Anonymous said...

i am so sad that there are all these anti bicycle peoples out there.. Damn it!!!
For F*** sake.. turn off engines, and do the world a favour, less pollution.. get off the 4 wheels and cycle places.. you'll live longer..
and where has TokyoBike gone... anyone??

saskia said...

I think they had some problems with importing but are planning to re-open again soon in another location - so my sources tell me ! oh and Yuki is about to have a baby I believe. I'm in email contact so hopefully they will be back up running again soon. Such great bikes !

Liked your comments :-)