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05 June 2010

Here comes the sun

Finally, a few hours of sunshine in old Sydney town and it's like everyone is back out of hibernation.  It didn't last the full day but while it did there were happy faces out in Bondi.  I took Inge down to Jed's for a breakfast quesadilla and a latte and happily we watched life go by with an old skool reggae soundtrack and the faintest smell of the ocean breeze drifting in the warm air.

One of the things I love about Sydney is the cafe culture.  The nonchalant upturned milk crates outside inner-city haunts that burn lines on your arse if you sit too long.  The million new artisan bakeries with organic breads and pies that seem to be springing up on every street corner and the crazy little cafe/bookshops stuffed with piles of books you always buy but never seem to have time to read.

IMG_3680_1      IMG_3676_1_1

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