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30 June 2011

Skirts on Bikes ?!? Whatever Next?

We so wish we could be in NYC today to join the Official "Skirts On Bikes!" Ride - Celebrating Freedom and Fashion.

You may have read the reports recently about Dutch cyclist Jasmijn Rijcken who was visiting New York City on May 3 and was approached and questioned by a NYPD officer for wearing a skirt while riding her bicycle in Soho. Rijcken says the officer told her she was a distraction for motorists, told her to change into pants, asked for her identification and nearly ticketed her. 

What???  It would be funny if it wasn't true.

So in support of New Yorkers and cyclists across the globe who love to ride in style in a skirt or a dress, the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show are joining forces with Hudson Urban Bicycles to invite cyclists to take to their bikes for a ride through the bike lanes of Greenwich Village, Soho and Tribeca. 

So if you're lucky enough to be in NYC today I hope you're riding in whatever you choose to wear and standing up for freedom - I know we would be if we could.

29 June 2011

Sex Sells Bicycles

Well I thought we'd take a break from Barcelona today for this racy little clip by Justin Anderson for Armani. Apparently "all you need are two wheels and a great pair of jeans".

Cute girls and cute guys on hot bikes?  Yep, sex sells and Cycle Chic approves of positive bicycle branding.

26 June 2011

Cycle Chic Bloggers Conference Barcelona - Part 2

So Friday saw us all up at the crack of dawn, yep ok, 7.00am after a night of sangria felt like the crack of dawn on the slowly undulating yacht I was lucky enough to be staying on.

Our first official business as guest bloggers in Barcelona was to photograph the city's cyclists at a Cycle Chic Breakfast organised by BACC, the Bicicleta Club de Catalunya.  Held to celebrate Bike Week in Barcelona, free breakfasts were given to riders along with some well-deserved red carpet treatment. People in Barcelona really know how to dress and judging the chicest rider was a tough but pleasurable exercise.

We took thousands of photographs between us over 3 venues through the city and then there was Paulette. Just brilliant.  Hand painted bike and all.  She is now the proud owner of a new Hood Bicycle and a rain coat from Italian brand Abici.

Raul and Greta were obvious choices for the most fun category and won a selection of bicycle accessories from cool Barcelona brand Ramonas and a rain coat from Bordeaux brand Nooc.

Such a fun day, there were prizes for the runners up too.  



I was interviewed by Spanish newspaper El Pais who featured the event in this article and this blogpost and TV1 Espana shot a film of the breakfast for morning tv.  A more Almodovarian experience I have not had!

More tomorrow.....

25 June 2011

Cycle Chic Bloggers Conference Barcelona - Part 1

It's hard to imagine that this time last week I was in Barcelona hanging out with my fellow Cycle Chic bloggers, sharing stories, partying and enjoying unfettered bicycle freedom of the kind we're so unused to in Australia.

[above photos Mikael Colville-Andersen]

It really is another world away. Barcelona's bicycle renaissance is recent, apparently it was very different four years ago though riding through the city now it's hard to imagine.

There are bike lanes on seemingly endless straight streets, shared bike/pedestrian paths through leafy boulevards and narrow winding streets jam packed with cars, scooters and buses and yet everywhere there is a wonderful sense of co-existance.


Brilliant.  I'm a nervous road user in Sydney when I brave them at all yet here it took me minutes to feel completely at ease and at home. The pace is wicked like all European cities, loud, bustling, jostling, frenetic and yet there pervades an innate awareness between road/path users that surprised me. 

Taxi drivers pause and slow down to let you pass, darting a smile at you as they drag on a cigarette. Pedestrians, local and foreign alike, apologise if they stumble on to the bike path by mistake and jokes are shared with a smile.  Even navigating the huge intersections and plaças is fun.  Perhaps I was so happy to just be there that I didn't notice any bad will, I'm sure it exists, but perhaps too a happy disposition begets one? 
It's a way of acting that in Australia we forget all too often with our "combative" transport user mentality.

So ride I did.  Thanks to our friends Jamie and Vanessa at CitiBici I had the pleasure of borrowing a Creme HolyMoly bicycle for the whole stay.  Nice ride, lighter than my old Velorbis, 3 speed, pearly white, felt like the perfect Summer beach bike.  The old coaster brake took me a bit of getting used to but hey, no muy importante.
Thanks guys x

[photograph David Phu/Vancouver Cycle Chic]

So over the weekend we were 14 of us in all (plus assorted friends and lovers) from Copenhagen, Dublin, Montreal, Vancouver, Budapest, Bordeaux, Paris, Graz, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro and the rest of the gang rode a mix of borrowed Bromptons, hire bikes and their own, flown in for the trip.  A better bunch of bike bloggers would be hard to find and despite the obvious attraction and fabulousness of hanging out with like-minded camera-wielding bike bloggers, we did work - more on that tomorrow.....

15 June 2011

Global Cycle Chic - Barcelona - the Destination!

By the time this gets published I'll be in Barcelona.  Hard to imagine I'll be trading cold wet Sydney for the beach at Barceloneta (below) but I'm ready!

This is the first Cycle Chic Bloggers Conference and bloggers from 13 or more of the official global blogs will be spending 4 days together networking, riding, sharing our stories and yep I'm guessing there will be a little fiesta or two.

I'll be blogging from the road of course and you can also follow us on twitter #cyclechicbcn2011 for all the Cycle Chic fun Barcelona stylee!

[photographs courtesy Barcelona Cycle Chic]

11 June 2011

10 June 2011

Global Cycle Chic - Sacramento

And yes, Cycle Chic is not exclusive to Europe so we're still hanging out for Lorena from Sac Cycle Chic to make it to Barcelona next week....
still time Lorena......... :-)

[photographs courtesy Sac Cycle Chic]

08 June 2011

Global Cycle Chic - Dublin

Next up on our quick trip around the European Cycle Chic blogs are the Dutch bloggers from Dutch in Dublin.

Hey she's wearing my clogs!

07 June 2011

Global Cycle Chic - Bordeaux

So we're a week away from the first Cycle Chic Bloggers Conference in Barcelona and in preparation for my European summer mini-break I thought we'd take a look at some of the other Cycle Chic blogs that will be joining us.

First up Bordeaux....

[photographs courtesy Bordeaux Cycle Chic]

05 June 2011

Bienvenida San Luis Cycle Chic

I love this photograph.  It was sent to me recently by Esteban from San Luis Potosi, Mexico with a note explaining simply, humbly, how (he felt) they had not reached a level of urban bicycle chic in their city and had little infrastructure for bicycle safety.   But despite this, there were many people going to the city daily not for sport or recreation but just to live.  

Is this not the very essence of Cycle Chic, the reason we spend so much time promoting bicycles?

It's never just about the clothes, it's just about this - people in towns and cities using bicycles to go about their lives, as they are.

Bravo and welcome San Luis Cycle Chic !

01 June 2011

Bike Century - Back to Our Future

Cycle Chic likes humour. We also like this group and we hope you will too.

Our friends at Copenhagenize are proud to sponsor the second Bike Century. After seeing so many bike to work days/weeks/months they thought they'd take it to the next level. For the second time in human history, Bike Century is launched. The last Bike Century ended early, thanks to the advent of automobiles.

This time around, the Golden Age of Bicycling is well underway and this will the best Bike Century ever!

By joining this group you pledge to ride your bicycle this century.  Sign up here now.