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29 January 2011

Is that a Kangaroo in Your Basket or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

claire / australia day

Ah Australia Day - beer and lamingtons on a balcony overlooking the ocean followed by a quick ride with Claire and a kangaroo....

27 January 2011

Sydney Streetstyle

laura at town hall

Laura, snapped outside Town Hall the other day - love the Brooks wire basket on this vintage bike.  

26 January 2011

Bike Bag Bling

Ok so I'm pretty much a bike basket kind of girl.  I like them, they don't need explaining, they just work.
I had no reason to look further but then THIS little item pops into my inbox and now I'm all a fluster.

What was I thinking?  I mean I wouldn't wear the same pair of shoes with everything I own would I?  No I would not.

Handmade in Brooklyn by Hillary Taymour from Collina Strada the Barrel Moto Bag is available online from Free People (yes they ship to Australia!) and from February via the Adeline Adeline Bike Shop in NYC (mecca for all things bike gorgeous, don't say I didn't warn you).  Not cheap but very lovely.

Thanks to Design Milk for the heads up.

25 January 2011

Freedom - You've Gotta Give For What You Take

Probably preaching to the converted here but I just LOVE this sign.  Thanks to the guys over at Lisbon Cycle Chic for sharing.
Be part of the change baby and get on yer bike!

24 January 2011

Joyful Cycle Chic Mini Movie for Monday Morning

Well here's a gorgeous way to start the week (or end it if you're in the rest of the world) thanks to the lovely Liane Rossler.
Just a simple early morning Byron Bay bike ride en famille captured by hubby on his phone.
21 seconds of heaven with a cicada soundtrack, leaves you yearning for more - wonderful.

23 January 2011

Cycle Chic Does Moonlight Cinema - Encore!

Seeing as how we got rained out last time just before the end of Breakfast at Tiffany's, the lovely folks at Moonlight Cinema offer us tickets to another session so WE'RE GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER!

If you missed us at the last one - we'd love you to join us this time for some Gallic fun.

WHAT:     An evening viewing of hot French biopic Gainsbourg
WHO:       Anyone who would like to lounge around on a balmy Sydney summer evening under the stars
WHERE:   Moonlight Cinema, Centennial Park (entry via the Woollahra Gates off Oxford Street)
WHEN:     Tuesday February 8th.  Meet at the gates at 7pm.  Film starts at sundown.

NB: We advise you to pre-buy tickets in case the session sells out.  Those that came last time are entitled to a "Rain Out Ticket", info here.   Buy and redeem tickets from Moonlight online here.  Bean beds can be hired at the venue and there is a licensed bar but feel free to bring blankets, picnic and booze.

We all seem to ride in from the four corners of Sydney so like last time, leave a message on the facebook invite page if you'd like company on your ride and we'll hook you up.  Bikes can be brought in to the enclosed area too so no need to leave them in the street, just wheel them on in.
Any questions, leave a message or email me.

Gauloises, berets, Breton sweaters and baguettes entirely optional though strongly recommended, especially as there will be a prize for the most stupendously chic rider!

Thanks to one of our most loyal fans, the very generous and lovely Miss Fiona, I will have a copy of the 2011 Cycle Chic Calendar to give away on the night.
So, dress up, remember the Manifesto and may the chic'est rider win.

À la prochaine fois mes amis vélo chic :-)

22 January 2011

And the Winner Is....

As if you hadn't guessed, Milky Joe swings away with 80% of the votes for his witty self portrait - Milky TrumanO.

Good work Milky (and the Feathers for styling tips) and to everyone who voted.  The lovely Beauty Shopper will be yours !
[and yes, normal programming featuring human cycle chic will now resume...]

17 January 2011

Cycle Chic Sundays Movie Photo Competition - the entries!

Well Chicsters, though the competition post seems to have had over 1000 views on Facebook alone (ie a lot of you are looking, thanks...) and has been tweeted about the bikeosphere there have been only 2 entries - WHAT???
I know everyone is getting over Christmas and New Year, and it's school holidays and Sydney Festival is on and well you're probably all at the beach but really, I'm a tad disappointed.
Truman doesn't seem to care but he's fickle like that....

But we at Cycle Chic are never disillusioned and there will be no tears shed.  So without further ado here are the entries and yes they deviated from the theme a little but I'm still doing a poll just 'cause I said I would and they are poll worthy in my humble opinion.  Good work - you know who you are :-)

Voting is easy, just click in the box next to your favorite image in the poll on the right hand column of the blog.  Vote for one or both, log in to different computers and vote more than once - go crazy, vote away and NO EXCUSES NEXT TIME!

Polls close at midnight on Friday 21 January and the winner gets the beautiful Basil Beauty Shopper.

1 - Truman MilkyO

2 - Holly [hearts] bikes

16 January 2011

Melbourne Cycle Chic

Last time I was in Melbourne it was to hear Mikael from Copenhagen Cycle Chic give his Four Goals for Promoting Urban Cycling talk during the State of Design Festival.  Oh and a little Melbourne Bike Share Protest ride.... fun times for sure.

Little seems to have changed as far as the bike share scheme goes with mandatory helmet law still preventing the "spontaneous" nature of bike hire.  So there were sadly still too many bikes docked unused.  
I did see 3 being ridden and overheard a lady in the 7-11 ask how much the disposable helmets were.
(They didn't have her size though so she left.)

I did, however, notice an awful lot of nice looking bikes, especially around St Kilda and my sources tell me that a certain suburb a little further North is a veritable hotbed of lawless helmet-free bicycle bliss.
I shall leave that for next time..... unless someone wants to send me evidence?? :-)




St Kilda Botanic Gardens


Outside the Prince of Wales Hotel on Fitzroy St - Bands, Bars and Bikes, lovely

14 January 2011

Vintage Québécois Cycle Chic

Super chic photograph of French Canadian actress Geneviève Bujold from the fabulous Rides a Bike blog.  
Too much fun on a bike??  C'est pas possible!

11 January 2011

Another Convert!

penny and the vintage bike

My neighbour Penny testing out one of my "inherited" vintage bikes, the first time on a bike since she was a teenager.
"Ha ha ha ha, wow it's great, I'd forgotten.  I feel like a big kid again!".  
I'm paraphrasing but you get the basic idea.  Feels good - one girl, one bike at a time.....

08 January 2011

Lawlessness in the Pursuit of Edible Delights

I often see good friend and Sydney food blogger Tanja cruising carefree through Surry Hills on her Velorbis on the hunt for some seasonal deliciousness or other.  
Even better when she brings something in to the office for tasting!

surry hills chic


05 January 2011

Cycle Chic Sundays Chic Movie Photo Competition!

We though perhaps it was time for another competition over at Cycle Chic and have come up with something fun to honour this Sunday's film outing.

The challenge is to photographically recreate the classic opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's with one addition - it must include a bicycle somewhere in the shot.

You can photograph someone else, get a friend to photograph you, use models/dolls/lego, the choice is yours.  Be as creative as you like.  Black and white or colour, in vintage or modern clothes, no rules.
We're not looking for carbon copies of this photograph but rather your own witty interpretation.

  • The competition is open to anyone not just those attending the film on Sunday.  
  • One entry per person please, with all photographs emailed to me no later than 8am on Monday morning. (So yes you can take photographs en route to the film on Sunday outside Deus on Oxford St if you so wish.....).  Please ensure you include your name and contact number in the email.
  • Photographs will be up on the blog on Monday and voting will be by online poll with the winner receiving this lovely vintage style Basil bike basket (thanks as always to our friends at Gazelle). 
Easy.  Go wild.  Be creative and above all be cycle chic..... 

* U P D A T E * U P D A T E  * U P D A T E *

Due to popular demand the closing date now Sunday Jan 16 so you have time...... some great entries in already!

02 January 2011

Cycle Chic Sundays Does the Moonlight Cinema

Time to get the New Year off to a rolling Cycle Chic start......

WHAT:     An evening viewing of that all time chic film classic Breakfast at Tiffany's
WHO:       Anyone who would like to lounge around on a balmy Sydney summer evening under the stars.
               Vintage Audrey/George chic if you so desire....
WHERE:   Moonlight Cinema, Centennial Park (entry via the Woollahra Gates off Oxford Street)
WHEN:     Meet at the gates at 7pm

NB: This film may sell out so it is advisable to pre-book.  Tickets can be purchased from Moonlight Cinema online and bean beds are available for hire at the cinema.

For anyone who has never been to Moonlight Cinema, it is wonderful.  If you haven't seen Breakfast at Tiffany's, well now is your chance.  The films start at sundown and there is a licensed bar and food available.  It is also BYO so feel free to bring your favorite beverage and picnic food - anyone else think a Martini sounds like a good idea?  Blankets and rugs of course go without saying.

This is really just a good excuse to catch up and plan some fun events for the New Year so I'd love to see you all and some new faces too.
As we all seem to ride from the various corners of Sydney perhaps some of you will join up and ride to the park together?  Leave a message on the facebook invite page when you RSVP if you'd like company on your ride and we'll see who we can hook up.  You can also leave a message here or email me.

I'm checking with them to see about bicycle parking too so will post an update on the facebook page.

January is a busy old month in Sydney with the Festval and Flickerfest so expect more rides through the month.  Let me know if you're planning to be anywhere that needs a visit by Cycle Chic!

Hope to see you all on the 9th - don't forget to get your tickets soon to avoid disaster and RSVP!